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Totwoo Bracelets: Mountain and Sea


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The Totwoo Bracelet: Mountain and Sea is a smart jewelry piece designed for couples who want to stay connected and express their love through technology. The bracelet replicates your partner’s touch through vibrations and lights up, reminding you of their presence and love.

  • Personalize your expression with a range of color options, adjustable vibration intensity, and more.
  • Forge a closer connection with the help of these love vibration bracelets.
  • The inspiration behind this design stems from the vow of eternal love shared between two individuals expressed as “I love you from Mountains to the Sea“. This vow signifies an unbreakable bond that endures regardless of distance, obstacles, or challenges.

Gift Package Included:

  • 1 pair Mountain and Sea Bracelets
  • Wireless Charger
  • User Manual

Features & Benefits

  • Stay intimately connected: The Totwoo bracelet helps you stay intimately connected with your loved one no matter the distance through its vibration and light-up features that replicate your partner’s touch.
  • Private and intimate space: The Totwoo bracelet creates a private and intimate space for you and your special someone to share pictures, videos, audio, and text through the Totwoo app.
  • Call reminders: The Totwoo bracelet reminds you of every incoming call from your loved ones by flashing or vibrating gently.
  • Special day reminders: The Totwoo bracelet lets you record special days and loving moments with your partner and reminds you with flashes and vibrations when a special day arrives.
  • Inspirational design: The Totwoo bracelet’s design is inspired by the vow of eternal love shared between lovers and engraved with a quote from Jane Austen.
  • Easy to use: The Totwoo bracelet is easy to use with its intuitive app and simple interface.
  • Advanced technology: The Totwoo bracelet features an advanced self-developed nb16 smart chip, making it one of the leading smart jewelry products in the industry.


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